Our Services

Alldis & Cox has specialised in Strata Management since the introduction of the original Strata Titles Act in 1961. David Cox was issued with one of the first Strata Managers licenses in New South Wales and the office is now headed and run by his son, Stuart.

So Why Choose Alldis & Cox?

We have developed various different levels of management to suit the requirement of owner’s corporations. We can tailor our service to meet your individual needs.

Although the Executive Committee is responsible for the day to day management of the property and the making of all decisions, our responsibility is to effectively communicate with the Executive Committee to ensure all decisions that are made are in the best interest of the property and in line with the Strata Schemes Management Act.

All calls are answered by a real person! We have 3 dedicated receptionists who will answer your call as quickly as possible and direct you to the right person.

We’re open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding public holidays).

Our range of services & management include some of the following:

Financial Accounting
Including quarterly reports, issuing of strata levies (and arrears recovery if necessary), payment of invoices & accounts & other financial transactions as required

Annual General Meetings & Extraordinary General Meetings
Including the distribution of notices to all lot owners, chairing of the meeting, distribution of minutes of the meeting & access to large meeting areas within our office

Including in-house valuations, lodging of insurance claims & payment of your policy

After Hours Emergency Service
Including access to on-call tradespeople in the event of an emergency (details via website or telephone). Many of our tradespeople are familiar with what is the responsibility of the Owners Corporation and can do the minimum, necessary work in the event of an emergency.

Administration / Secretarial Work
Including all record keeping in line with the Act, all correspondence to lot owners and residents, forward copies of paperwork to the Executive Committee, maintain the strata roll and minute books & record and retain notices under sections 118, 119 and 120 of the Act

Company Title Management

Not only do we offer Strata Title Management services but we also offer services and management for Company Title Properties.

Company Title was a pre-cursor to Strata Title prior to 1961. In short, rather than owning land, one owns shares in a company which own the building and the land. The shares give each holder a specific right to occupy a particular unit and or garage in the building. There are still a fair number of these types of property around Sydney and Alldis & Cox offer you a dedicated manager for this portfolio. The individual requirements of each Company’s Articles of Association of Constitution are carefully observed to ensure shareholder’s rights are protected as well as those of the Company. We have on line access to ASIC to ensure changes to directors’ and shareholders’ listings are updated within the statutory time frame.