March 25 2020


                                            COVID 19 PANDEMIC – UPDATE 2


To all Owners and Clients,

In unusual times, it’s important for peace of mind that business as usual continues as best it can. We are trying to ensure this for all our clients in this ever evolving environment.

Knowing what can be done and is being done in your Strata or Company Title building is important and we intend to issue these updates to you regularly so you are informed about how we are helping to manage your very important asset.


While face to face meetings are impossible at the moment we are already running meetings successfully, electronically on the “Zoom” platform, in writing and by teleconference. All these options are available and work equally efficiently. What will work best for your building will be discussed between the Strata Committee/Board and your manager as the time for your next meeting approaches.

Rest assured that meetings will continue and decisions that have to be made can be.

Levies & Hardship

Predictably, we are already fielding many enquiries about levies.

Your maintenance levies are the life blood of your building. They are paid to the Owners Corporation/Company (not to us!) to ensure that your building can operate from day to day and, in the case of your Capital Works levy, to help you save for important longer term repairs and maintenance. They have to continue, despite these difficult times.

However, the reality is that some individual owners will face hardship during this pandemic. There are options available if co-owners agree. These include:

  • Payment plans (already available in legislation if approved by a meeting)
  • Temporary reductions in total levies (approval by a meeting is required). One option that has been adopted by some already is to reduce or defer the Capital Works component of a buildings levies for a time while keeping the Admin. Fund flowing as budgeted. Individual circumstances do differ.

While prudent cash flow management is a priority in all buildings, any owner with genuine hardship concerns should contact your Strata/Company manager so that available options can be discussed with Strata Committees/Boards.

We will help you where we can.


We are fortunate to have built relationships with many loyal and honest contractors over many years and it has been pleasing in recent weeks to see most of them acting quickly and properly to ensure their safety and yours when they are attending your building.

We are instructing all cleaning contractors and common area service providers to be vigilant in applying all the recommended hygiene products and standards throughout the communal areas and facilities. Additionally, our contractors have been issued a check list to run through with occupants when they have to attend to your individual unit.  It includes questions about self or imposed isolation situations.

We have to keep essential maintenance tasks ticking over and are doing all we can to ensure they do but both the contractors and the building occupants have to do this safely together. Remember to practice “social distancing”.

Health, Safety & Well being

As more people are required to remain isolated indoors it will be natural to feel frustrated, unsure and challenged. There will be increased multiple dwelling issues like noise, waste and the management of common areas that demand greater patience and understanding from everyone. Residents working from home, increased deliveries, social isolation all require more than ever, a sense of community. Please be patient with each other and with us, your contractors and suppliers if it takes a bit longer to get you answers to questions that seem so important at the time. They may be harder to find than normal.

Buildings and Committees/Boards that wish to post helpful information in the common areas can access some excellent material here:

Very helpful information on coping with “social distancing” can be accessed here:

Most importantly, please keep looking at the regular public health updates available here:


Working cohesively together within your building and with your manager is more important than ever at the present time.

We will do all we can to assist you and will stay in touch.

Yours Sincerely,

Stuart Cox

Managing Director

                        COVID 19 PANDEMIC – UPDATE 2


17th March 2020

To all Owners and Clients,

“Face to face” meetings, inspections and interaction are part of normal day to day Strata, Property and Company Title Management operations. Unfortunately, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and to comply with updated “Social distancing” recommendations we have had to make some urgent changes to our policies and procedures to ensure that our staff, clients, contractors and colleagues are protected, as best we can.

The following policies have been implemented with immediate effect:


  1. All “face to face” meetings and site inspections or any activity involving close personal contact have been postponed or cancelled until further notice
  1. Our office is open only to our staff or to clients who have an essential need to attend, and then only by appointment until further notice
  1. Our staff are preparing to work at home with remote access to email and telephone in the event that this becomes necessary or is ordered by Government

If you have a forthcoming meeting already booked your manager will be in contact with you to discuss alternative means of holding it. It is likely that non-essential meetings will be postponed and that electronic, postal and phone meetings will be convened where it is preferred, or essential that a meeting be held.

For now, our office is open and all of our staff are working. They will be otherwise attending to business as usual. We will be monitoring all developments and staying abreast of them and trying to keep you updated as necessary.

This link provides excellent information on all Government updates and recommended precautions. Please check it often.

The latest information on “Social distancing” recommendations that we are following is in this link They may be of assistance to you too.

We will be providing you with regular updates as circumstances evolve.

Most importantly, we hope that you and your families stay safe and well during this period of upheaval and thank you for your understanding.    

Yours Sincerely,

Stuart Cox

Alldis and Cox (Coogee) Pty Ltd